Thursday, June 4, 2009

June Project carriage base

The  old song is playing in my  mind "June is  busting out all over" (I  sing a LOT) love  singing,
and I  love this months project for June....and my  thanks go to  Jacquie Johnson of Victoria who has provided not only the project, but also the  photos and  information.

It is a great alternative to the  heavy  metal carriage  bases and  how easy is this  to gather the  component parts!
I  hope you  enjoy this months  project and  will go ahead and  make  one (or several!)

You Will Need.
4 Plastic Disposable Glasses
2 Lengths of Dowel about 4 inches long to fit the center of the base of the glasses.

1 steel Knitting needle about size 3 and half mm Cut two pieces about 3 and half inches long

Off-Cut of Ostrich Egg with hole in the middle to fit on the top of the base.


/ Drill two holes in each piece of dowel about 1 inch apart in the centre.

2/ Sand the dowel where you have drilled.

3/ Glue the knitting needles in to the dowel with araldite,Make sure you hold the axle straight until it sets.

4/Paint the axle white

5/Decorate the wheels before you glue them to the axles. I put gold braid just inside the wheel then Pearls and roses in the centres but you can use nice buttons or earings

6/ Glue wheels onto the Dowel making sure they sit nice and flat on the table till glue has set.

7/ Paint the off-cut of egg and braid and pearl it, , you can glue some thin lace under the edge if you like.

8/ Cut some cardboard and paint it white. I glue this under the egg cut-out so you don't see where the coach has been glued to the base when you have glued you finished coach to the mirror.

you can make smaller wheels by cutting the plastic wheels with curved scissors.
Cut some cardboard circles the size you want the wheels to be ,blue tac them to the middle of the wheels and mark around on the wheel then cut with the curve of the scissors facing out then cut .
Sand the edge with sand paper when finished.
Adjust the length the dowel for a small egg (the length will decide how wide the space is for egg to fit inside)
  You can also cover wheels with gold mesh material by cutting a hole in the centre and fitting and gluing around the centre and out to the edge, then glue on the  braid and pearls.
These are good for goose eggs and small prams.

****Thankyou so much Jaquie  ..I look  forward to making  some of these  for  Christmas egg projects now!


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aishah said...

Hi Dot,
I found your blog from yahoo @our egging membership group.I love your work and it looks easy to make the carriage. I will certainly try them. Thanks for the tips.

aking said...

Just stopped by to check what materials I need for this coach chassis. Thanks so much for making this available. aking13093

Treasured Eggs said...

I can't wait to use your instructions. You are a clever girl! Love ya. Krissy