Thursday, March 5, 2009

The  two pieces of  shell were  joined  with  spakfilla, when  this  was dry, the  hat was  painted and  sealed  with a high  gloss  sealer.

 The  fine  gold braid was  glued in place along the  raw edge of the hat  brim.  The flower was  attached to the feather with tacky about 1 inch from the tip.

A rhinestone flower was  glued to the  centre of  the  flower. When the  glue was  dry the  feather was  cut just beneath the  flower. This was  attached  with tacky glue to the  the place at the left where  the brim joins the crown.

 A picot braid was glued along the  edge of  the  brim, and then also along top edge of the brim, and a  neat join was  made where the  brim  joined the  crown at the  opposite end from  the flower.

The remainder of the  feather  was  glued behind the  tip of the  feather where  the flower is attached.

the first  pic is of the  eggshell  marked  ready to  cut the  hat brim and  crown 

March 6th 2009 and I have put this  art  deco hat together  as  a project on todays  eggchat