Thursday, April 30, 2009

egg oval greeting card in CD case

This is the  project  for  May, and  can be used  for Mothers day (May 10th) but can also be used for any  other special occasion.

To make this, take the  insert out of a plastic  CD  case.

Measure and  cut craftcard to fit the  front and  back of the  case.

Take a  scrap oval of shell, and  use this as  a  template to mark an oval on the  front  card. Cut out oval from  card, slightly smaller than  the  shell oval

Cut the oval scrap down to  fit in the  case when it is closed (there is  a  lot of  measuring to fit in  this  project..remember to  measure twice and cut once!) in egging we can adjust to fit as needed to as well.
Decorate the  card  and  the  oval scrap -I found this gorgeous earring, and  it was just  asking to be  used in a  project like this.
Now glue the  decorated scrap of shell to the oval cutout of the card, from the back of the front card with the  oval facing  out. 

add cord and braid around  edges of  oval. Cut out a  suitable picture (I used  gift wrap) and  paste this to the outside of the  back  cover. I  used stickers to  decorate around the  edges of  the  card, a suitable  verse can be  printed on light paper  and  pasted on the  inside of the  back cover. scrapbooking  embellishments are  very  nice to use as  well.

This CD case  greeting card can be safely  mailed anywhere in a  CD mailer!
a nice  way to use those oval scraps of  shell, and to recycle those old CD cases.. cheers  Dot

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